Friday, October 26, 2012

Review: red and purple mascara by Stargazer

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According my last summer promise I've bought a few colorful eyelash mascaras. I decided to try a new cosmetic brand to me - Stargazer and picked red and purple colors. One of these I like a lot and another...let's say not that much :)

What I liked: firstly, the laconic label of the product - large white letters on black just says "MASCARA" :) I also like the purple color - it's intensive, but not too light, not too dark. And last but not least - cheap price.

What I didn't like: the red color. I don't like the shade, it is dark, not intensive and looks good only in a luminescence light. One more thing - applicator. It is "universal type"  - so it will not give you any special effect for your lashes.

Would I buy this product again: purple color mascara - yes, red - no.

picture by MakeupDemon