Sunday, November 4, 2012

November - perfect month for smokey eyes makeup :)

<Pažvelgus pro langą į ūkanotą dangų kilo mintis paskelbti šį mėnesį - Dūminio Makiažo Mėnesiu! :) Taigi, šis mėnesis išimtinai bus skiriamas tik su dūminiu makiažu susijusiomis temomis, įvairenybėmis, produktais bei fotosesijomis. Sekite naujienas ir čia, mano grožio bloge>

This idea came to me while watching cloudy, grey November sky. November is the darkest Autumn month, it's also nostalgic, foggy, hazy... A perfect month for listening to the doom metal :) 

So this month I'm going to talk about smokey eyes makeup - trends, topics, reviews, related products, photoshoots etc. Stay tuned!!!  

picture by Makeup Demon


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    1. IDiva :) sounds so great everytime I read it :) There will be tutorial for smokey eyes ;)

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  3. This is a really pretty picture, I love your hair in this! Thank you for stopping by my little world :-) I nominated your for the Liebster Award!

    1. This is a picture of my friend:)

      Hey, thanks for Award!!!! ;)