Thursday, November 8, 2012

Review: Lipgloss Bourjois Effect 3D (48 Rose Romantic)

<Kaip jau įprasta lietuviška apžvalgos versija puikuojasi facebook'e:

Klausimas - kodėl lūpų blizgesio apžvalga Dūminių akių makiažo mėnesį? Ogi todėl, kad šis lūpų blizgesio atspalvis idealiai tinka prie tamsaus matinio dūminių akių makiažo! Tik ar tai bus būtent Bourjois lūpų blizgis, švelniai tariant, abejoju. Atspalvis puikus, bent jau pakuotėje ;) >

What I liked: the lips are softly covered, it's not sticky, smells fine. 

What I didn't like: it doesn't remain long on lips, maybe because of the shade that I've chosen. Without lipstick it's too light, looks just like shine without color. 

Note: before buying this product pay attention that 8 hours of lasting refers to the effect of moisturizing time, but not the lipgloss remain time. 

Would I buy this product again? No. I think "Effect 3D" is not something different from similar products in 3D.

And one more thing - what is this lipgloss review doing on the Smokey eyes month? :) It's here because the shade is ideal with a dark, mat smokey eyes makeup. However I think I will choose the different brand for this shade...