Thursday, December 6, 2012

Disco makeup and photoshoot!

<Disko stiliaus vakarėlis - gan populiarus Naujųjų Metų sutikimo variantas. Jam ruoštis itin smagu - galima eksperimentuoti su drabužiais (daug spalvų ir žvilgesio), šiaušti plaukus ir, svarbu, tinkamai pasirinkti makiažą.

Šiam kartui kaip tik ir noriu pristatyti šio stiliaus makiažą. Jei esate mano facebook puslapio gerbėjas(-a), jau spėjote pamatyti šią spalvingą fotosesiją, kurią su drauge Giedre susiorganizavome vasarą. Buvo labai smagu ruoštis jai ir improvizuoti. Spalvų ir priemonių gama - šiek tiek žemiau ;) >

Disco party is a very popular theme for a New Years celebration. And it's great - it's so interesting to prepare for it - experiment with clothes (so many colors and glitter!), tousle your hair and choose a colorful makeup :)

This time I'm going to present disco style makeup and photoshoot, which was taken last summer. Model is my friend Giedre :) If you're a fan of my facebook page you've seen those pictures before :) I had a great time during this photoshoot and before, preparing for it. 

So now I would like to talk shortly about colours and products that I've picked for this look.

Firstly, foundation was a natural shade, without shimmer, but you can use something more shimmery. Secondly, eyebrows - I left them natural, but they should not be very thin for a disco look. 

Eyeshadows - bright colours rule! I used two shades of pink for the biggest part of the lid, then - yellow under eyebrow and bright blue as a eyeliner. I also used a black pencil to draw a line above lashes.

This time I decided to use falsies - upper and lower. After this application I used a black pencil to correct the line above lashes :) 

You can see a few green glitter dots over Giedres cheek :) However, for the cheeks I used a pink shade blush. Blush is a must in a disco makeup :) And you can use more bright one :) Same "rule" is also for lips - bright! 

This was just a one idea, you can always improvise, experiment. More pictures from photoshoot - below:

pictures and makeup by Egle Makeup Demon


  1. Amazing! ) I have dj headphones, want to do photoshoot too )