Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Review: Inglot Soft Precision Eyeliner Pencil

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The black eye pencil is a must in every girl's cosmetic bag as well as a little black dress in every girl's wardrobe! :) 

But it's not easy to find one... Some pencils are too soft, some too solid... But looks like I found golden mean (talking philosophically) - it's Soft Precision Eyeliner by Inglot.

What I liked? This pencil is soft and smooth. You can smudge it a bit, but it is not pencil for smoky effect (but I was not looking pencil for smoky, already have one). 

My eyes are sensitive and I cannot use every pencil, but Inglot pencil doesn't irritate my eyes. 

I also like its pigmentation. Well I cannot say it for all other shades (there are more than 20 shades of Soft Precision Eyeliners), because I haven't tried them yet, but I'm satisfied with my black :) 

The colour lasts about 4-6 hours. 

One more big plus - it is paraben free!

What I didn't like? Hmmm... cannot name any big minus yet. 

pictures by Makeup Demon

Would I buy this product again? Yes, because to me it is the ideal eye pencil for everyday use. 


  1. Awww great product Egle...Love it Inglot :)

  2. I wish I could get my hands on some Inglot products.. especially their eye shadows :)
    I have very sensitive eyes too and there is only one brand of liners that I can wear in my eyes and those are the liners from Lumene and Lumene Natural Code. I love them so much
    I can´t wear them on my eyelids though cause my lids are way too oily for that and they smudge everywhere.. I need to wear a gel liner (the one from maybelline is the only one working) on my lash line :)

    1. Hey. ;)

      Oh I'm in love with Inglot eyeshadows too. I like their "freedom system". And now I'm organising my magnetic palette of eyeshadows.. half of them are Inglot :)

      I have problem with my lower lid - all liners smudge it :(

  3. Great post and this cosmetic products are really good, Inglot cosmetics is available online only on this site

    1. This brand is a good quality and not very expensive, I have many products from Inglot. We have a store in Lithuania :)