Thursday, January 31, 2013

Makeup trends 2013 - creative ideas

Makiažo pasaulio profesionalai kuria tendencijas ne tik kasdienai, bet ir ypatingoms progoms - šventėms, fotosesijoms, podiumui. Šių metų naujienomis iš žymiausių mados namų vizazištų dalinuosi su jumis čia ir dabar :) linkiu įkvėpimo eksperimentuojant :) 

Makeup professionals are creating new trends not only for casual look, but also for special occasions such as celebrations, photoshoots, fashion. I found new creative ideas created by the most popular fashion houses and I'm sharing them here!

<- Dior.
Couldn't start with other makeup :) This one is soooo shimmering, bright. Too much crystals? You can use less, still it will be a very creative look :)

Chanel ->
Metallic shades. I like silver shades! They look very nice with a black eyeliner. This is the idea Chanel is offering us this spring. 

<- Versace
glowing eyes! Smokey glowing eyes - even better! Brighter than usual smokey with a glow - that's the idea from Versace.

Versace ->
Grunge look is also popular this year!  what's the goal?   Shading on the lower lashline.
I will definitely go grunge. I mean makeup :)

<- Donna Karan.
Neon colors. And not only on the eyes! But keep them only on lips or eyes, both is too much :)

Monday, January 28, 2013

Review: Essence Stay All Day Cream Eyeshadow in 09 - for fairies

<Šio žaižaruojančio produkto apžvalga lietuviškai: mano fb puslapiuke:  ;) > 

I was not planning to buy this cream eyeshadow by Essence cosmetics, but you know - sometimes it happens :) And I'm very happy that it happened to me. Why? Read the review and you'll find out:

What I liked? This time let's start with the price - it's really budget-friendly cosmetic product. Moreover I got it with a discount! :) 

Shade "For fairies" is pink with a gold metallic shimmer. Good pigmentation and a very romantic shade, I would say :) It is suitable for various occasions (Valentines day is comming, dears!)

The sentence on the package "Stay all day" is not a lie - it's a long wearing eyeshadow (lasted 8 hours during my first experiment without eyeshadow primer :) ), furthermore, it's crease-proof. 

You can use this shade not only as the eyeshadow, but also as eyeshadow base or even uplighter for cheeks!

Round jar contains 5,5 g of fairies product, it's easy to use. Shelf life - 12 months. 

What I didn't like? It's not a very good product for blending. 

Would I buy this product again? Yes. I also would like to try other shades (there are 6 shades in lithuanian market).

pictures by Makeup Demon (shade may look different because of the lighting)

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Friday, January 25, 2013

Beauty Quotes: Karl Lagerfeld

Smagi mintis tiems, kas netiki standartais :) 

Great quote for those who don't believe in standard beauty :) 

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Review: Panthenol forte Winter cream

<Šio žiemiško produkto apžvalgą lietuvių kalba rasite mano facebook svetainėje:

It's very cold and freezing recently in Lithuania. The temperature outside is from 10 to 20 C degrees below zero. So it's a very important time to take care of our face skin! 
Few days ago I was visiting my friend and she recommended Panthenol forte winter cream to me. I had a possibility to try it and now I strongly recommend it to you if you live in a cold area :)

What I liked? I like its consistency, it's not too greasy. It spreads easily on your face and well protects the skin from the cold weather conditions.

You can easily clean it using cleansing toner.

The smell is minimal and it's very good for the winter cream :) 
It is also paraben free!

Shelf life is 36 months (as it is indicated on the package)!

The volume of the package is 50 ml. The price is reasonable.

What I didn't like? After applying this cream skin becomes shiny. But this is the same problem with most winter or other more greasy creams. So the best way to avoid a shiny skin is to use compact powder after applying the cream. 

Would I buy this product for myself? Yes, it's a good and recommended product for the cold winter! You can get it in drugstores. 

Monday, January 21, 2013

Romantic pink & purple makeup and photoshoot

<Kuo šalčiau darosi tuo labiau imu atsigręžinėti į pavasario prisiminimus :) jums taip nebūna..?
Taigi, ir šį kartą akimirkos iš praėjusio pavasario fotosesijos su švelniu rožiniu makiažu ir modeliu - Ilona, kuriai siunčiu didelį "ačiū" ir, tikiuos, jog ateity dar kooperuosimės :) >

 The colder the days the warmer the memories about spring :) 

Today I want to share a very romantic makeup. It's a photoshoot from the last spring and you could find it in my facebook page before.

I talked to my model - Ilona and we've decided to make something romantic - pink, purple :) As you can see.

I used two colours of eyeshadows - bright pink and purple. Pink was mostly used as a liner, but I also used the black liquid liner to make a line above lashes. For lips I used a very light pink glossy shade. As well as for cheeks - light pink blush. 

Below you can see more pictures from this photoshoot. Enjoy!

pictures by Makeup Demon

More pictures can be found:

Sunday, January 20, 2013

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Friday, January 18, 2013

Beauty Quote: Rosalind Russell

<Senojo Holivudo deivės yra stiliaus ikonos iki pat šių dienų! Viena iš jų yra Rosalind Russell. Jos fraze apie grožį šiandien ir dalinuosi.

Trumpai apie aktorę: Rosalind Russell (1907-1976m) Amerikos aktorė, nominuota 5 auksiniams gaubliams, vaidinusi daugiau nei 58 filmuose (iš jų populiaurias - His girl Friday). Karjerą pradėjo kaip modelis, tesę teatre kol pateko į didijį kiną. Kolegos ją visada charakterizavo kaip rafinuotą moterį.>

This beauty quote was said by Hollywood Golden Age diva - Rosalind Russel (1907-1976) who was an American actress of stage and screen. She performed more than 50 roles in the movies (she is the best known for role in His girl Friday) and won five Golden Globes. Rosalind started her career as a fashion model, acted at a theather before she appeared on screen. In her first years at Hollywood she was characterized as a sophisticated lady.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Review: L'Oreal Dermo Expertise Eye & Lip Makeup Remover Waterproof

<Smagu pasidalinti dar vieno produkto apžvalga. Šį kartą tai yra  L'Oreal Dermo Expertise Akių bei lūpų makiažo valiklis. Šio produkto apžvalga lietuvių kalba - jau greitai mano Fb puslapyje kaip įprasta ;) >

If you cannot live without makeup - one of your best friends should be makeup remover :) And this time it is waterproof one by L'Oreal! 

What I liked? This makeup remover is really great at removing makeup! It is two-phase liquid consistency (don't forget to shake all two-phase products before using them!), fragrance-free. I also like the package - it's easy to use and the volume is 125 ml.

L'Oreal makeup remover does not leave a fat layer around eyes and I know how good it is, because my previous waterproof makeup remover was the one, which leaves fat layer. 

As I've mentioned before it cleanses eye makeup and even long lasting lipstick effectively and prevents drying of the skin. 

You need a small amount of this makeup remover - one drop on your cotton pad is enough for removing one eye makeup (well, yes, it depends on your eye makeup ;)) 

What I didn't like? Shelf life is 6 months, according to the information on the package. I'm using my first product more than month and it looks that I will not finish it so fast.

Would I buy this product again? Yes, I would! This is a very good waterproof makeup remover. Highly recommended!

pictures by Makeup Demon

Monday, January 14, 2013

Fresh blue and green makeup + photoshoot

Jei esate mano Fb puslapio gerbėjai(-os) šią fotosesiją jau matėte... jei nepraleidote pro akis. Ji vyko praėjusių metų pavasario pabaigoje. Tačiau, pamačiusi naujas šio pavasario tendencijas nusprendžiau savo darbeliu bei fotosesija pasidalinti ir blog'e :) Smagaus ir gaivaus žiūrėjome. 
Didelė padėka modeliui - Daivai! :) 

If you are following my Fb page you've seen this makeup photoshoot before. Actually it was taken last year :) But when I saw makeup trends for this Spring (fresh green and blue colors) I decided to post it here! 

Big thanks to my model - Daiva!

The idea of this makeup was to enchance eyes with very vibrant, intensive colors - bright blue, dark blue and  fresh green. For lips I used a neutral lipgloss with a soft shimmer and for the cheeks - dark pink shade blush. For brows I only used a bit darker color eyeshadows than natural just to form a shape. 

Below you can see a few pictures that I've taken during photoshoot :)

pictures by Makeup Demon

When I look at these pictures I want Spring, but it's cold and snowing outside... :)

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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Review: Inglot Lipstick Matte in 418

Dar vienas Inglot gaminukas... Inglot - vieni iš mano favoritų, tad, tikiuos, jog ir ateity pateiksiu jums ne vieną šio gamintojo produkto apžvalgą. Kaip įprasta - prekių apžvalgos lietuvių kalba keliauja į mano facebook puslapį, bet dėl laiko stokos paskutiniųjų ten dar neįkėliau. Pasižadu tai padaryti artimiausiu metu. O kol kas - šio smagaus gaminuko apžvalga - anglų kalba ;)

Inglot is one of my favorites cosmetics brand and this is the second product that I'm going to review. I was not planning to buy it actually, but when I saw it, its colour and the elegant package I couldn't say No :)
This is matte Inglot lipstick, shade - 418. 

What I liked? The shade was the first thing I really liked. I was looking for some colour that would be good for everyday in the office, but not boring - and "418" is the exactly what I needed :) 

Pigmentation is another thing I like. I also like its creamy consistency, soft smell. And the packaging(4,5 g)! It looks so elegant to me :) 

This lipstick is not a kiss proof :) But normally it stays about 2-4 hours. 

One more compliment to Inglot - it's a paraben free formula product and you can choose your shade between so many shades!

What I didn't like? Those numbers "418" and others doesn't sound very attractive, names would be much better...
If your lips are very dry prepare them before applying matte lipstick. Use scrub, hydrate them (this tip is for all brands matte lipsticks). 

pictures by Makeup Demon

Would I buy this product again? Definitely, Yes! I'm going to buy few other shades :)

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Makeup trends. Spring 2013

<Pats laikas pasižvalgyti į tai, ką mums rekomenduoja pasaulio mados profesionalai. Taigi, kokie makiažo mados vėjai pūs 2013 pavasarį?>

It's time to look at makeup trends created by the fashion professionals! Ideas from the Spring 2013 shows:
Pictures source: Harpers Bazaar.

1. Enhanced eyeliner <Ryškus akių kontūras> Giorgio Armani picture above, Cavalli - below. 

2. Lots of lashes! Fake or natural ones - bright, bold, sometimes heavy. <Išryškintos blakstienos, principas - kuo daugiau tuo gražiau:) > Picture below - Gucci.

3. Strong brows. <Stipriai paryškinti antakiai>. Picture below - Versace.

4. Fresh blue and green colours. Any shade! <Gaivios spalvos - žalia ir mėlyna> Pictures below - 1. Kenzo. 2. Moschino. 

5. Glowy skin. Time for uplighters! <Švytinti oda. Pats laikas įsigyti spindesio suteikiančias priemones!> Picture below - Ralph Lauren.

6. Forever red lips. <Raudonos lūpos. Panašu,jog ši makiažo detalė užsiliko ilgam...> Picture below - Prada.

Hope you get your inspiration here.....  ;)

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Thursday, January 3, 2013

The Versatile Blogger Award!!!

Just before the Christmas I've been nominated with The Versatile Blogger Award! And I want to say thanks to Charlotte Levy for this present :) 

Here are the rules:

1) Nominate up to 15 bloggers who are relatively new to blogging.
2) Let the nominated bloggers know that they have been nominated for this award.
3) Share 7 random facts about yourself.
4) Thank the blogger who as nominated you.
5) Add the Versatile Blogger Award picture to your post.

Firstly I want to nominate these bloggers:

7 random facts about me:

  • I have a big collection of hair accessories, but I don't use them often :)
  • Two weeks ago I lost my favorite eyepencil and I'm still very sad...
  • I've never been blond, but I'm still secretly dreaming about it :)
  • I've felt in love with Pretty Maids song "Please don't leave me" a week ago :)
  • I like cold Lithuania's winters with a lot of snow! :)
  • This winter I'm obsessed with glitter shoes (maybe you've noticed that before!:) )
  • My cat name is Toffee, yes, I like sweets :)

How to choose a good quality makeup brushes?

Pirmasis šių metų įrašas - labai rimta ir aktualia tema - Kaip išsirinkti geros kokybės šepetėlius kosmetikai? 
Pastaruoju metu vis daugiau kosmetikos gamintojų pristato makiažo šepetėlių kolekcijas. Panašu, jog praeina  laikai, kai užtekdavo tik kempinėlės makiažo pagrindui bei vokų šešėlių aplikatoriaus. Tai ką turėjo profesionalai dabar galite turėti ir jūs. Tik vienas "bet" - kaip tinkamai pasirinkti šepetėlius? Rūšis esu trumpai aptarusi kiek anksčiau, tačiau šį kartą noriu pasidalinti su jumis požymiais, kurių dėka galėsite įvertinti šepetėlio kokybę.

This is my first post this year (yes, finally!) and I would like to start this year with a very important topic - How to choose a good quality makeup brushes?

Recently many cosmetic companies has launched their makeup brushes and it seems that times when women were using just a sponge applicator for the eyeshadows and a sponge for foundation are over. We can have the same tools as profesionals. But how to find a good quality ones? I've shortly written about makeup brushes types before, but today I want to talk about their quality evaluation :)

1. Always check if the hair of brushes are firmly attached. Softly twich them - if some of them leave on your fingers - it's a sign of a poor quality.
Geros kokybės šepetėlio šereliai yra gerai pritvirtinti. Jei juos nestipriai timptelėjus išpešite bent kelis plaukelius - tai nėra geros kokybės šepetėlis.

2. Brush hair should be soft, have accurate shape, should not stick out in all directions
Šepetėlio šereliai turi būti minkšti, tiksliai nukirpti, nestyroti į visas puses. 

First blush brush from the left - good quality, second - poor quality (uneven shape of hair)

3. Good quality makeup brush never disassemble pressed cosmetic products (powders, eyeshadows, blush)
Geros kokybės šepetėliai juos naudojant neardo presuotų kosmetikos priemonių (pudros, akių vokų šešėlių, skaistalų ir pan.)

4. High quality brushes has a durable construction handle and ferrule.
Geros kokybės šepetėlių koteliai yra tvirtos konstrukcijos.

5. Good quality brushes make a tidy ​​makeup.
Geros kokybės šepetėliais atliktas makiažas atrodo švariai.

6. Good quality makeup brush is cruelty-free!
Gaminant aukštos kokybės makiažo šepetėlius nėra žalojami gyvūnai!

Hope this was useful ;)