Monday, January 14, 2013

Fresh blue and green makeup + photoshoot

Jei esate mano Fb puslapio gerbėjai(-os) šią fotosesiją jau matėte... jei nepraleidote pro akis. Ji vyko praėjusių metų pavasario pabaigoje. Tačiau, pamačiusi naujas šio pavasario tendencijas nusprendžiau savo darbeliu bei fotosesija pasidalinti ir blog'e :) Smagaus ir gaivaus žiūrėjome. 
Didelė padėka modeliui - Daivai! :) 

If you are following my Fb page you've seen this makeup photoshoot before. Actually it was taken last year :) But when I saw makeup trends for this Spring (fresh green and blue colors) I decided to post it here! 

Big thanks to my model - Daiva!

The idea of this makeup was to enchance eyes with very vibrant, intensive colors - bright blue, dark blue and  fresh green. For lips I used a neutral lipgloss with a soft shimmer and for the cheeks - dark pink shade blush. For brows I only used a bit darker color eyeshadows than natural just to form a shape. 

Below you can see a few pictures that I've taken during photoshoot :)

pictures by Makeup Demon

When I look at these pictures I want Spring, but it's cold and snowing outside... :)


  1. gorgeous :X

  2. Wowww Lovely pics I love it...and your pictures brought spring effect dear :)

  3. really nice..thumbs up!

  4. Lovely!!!
    It reminds me of spring and bright sunny days.:)

  5. Awesome colors! I just love how vibrant they are. And I'm totally ready for spring, lol.

    1. Thank you, Liesl! I was trying to do something fresh, vibrant, intensive :)

  6. nice! but i think the bright blue colors doesn't suit her eyes! smokey colors would suit her better. just my opinion ofcourse ^_^.
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  7. WOW!what a nice eye shadow and i love the color...which we call "tantalizing eyes " Pretty! Buy Instagram Comments

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