Sunday, January 6, 2013

Makeup trends. Spring 2013

<Pats laikas pasižvalgyti į tai, ką mums rekomenduoja pasaulio mados profesionalai. Taigi, kokie makiažo mados vėjai pūs 2013 pavasarį?>

It's time to look at makeup trends created by the fashion professionals! Ideas from the Spring 2013 shows:
Pictures source: Harpers Bazaar.

1. Enhanced eyeliner <Ryškus akių kontūras> Giorgio Armani picture above, Cavalli - below. 

2. Lots of lashes! Fake or natural ones - bright, bold, sometimes heavy. <Išryškintos blakstienos, principas - kuo daugiau tuo gražiau:) > Picture below - Gucci.

3. Strong brows. <Stipriai paryškinti antakiai>. Picture below - Versace.

4. Fresh blue and green colours. Any shade! <Gaivios spalvos - žalia ir mėlyna> Pictures below - 1. Kenzo. 2. Moschino. 

5. Glowy skin. Time for uplighters! <Švytinti oda. Pats laikas įsigyti spindesio suteikiančias priemones!> Picture below - Ralph Lauren.

6. Forever red lips. <Raudonos lūpos. Panašu,jog ši makiažo detalė užsiliko ilgam...> Picture below - Prada.

Hope you get your inspiration here.....  ;)


  1. nice post..:)
    I am definitely trying few of them!!!

  2. ohh I love the pops of color, can't wait for warmer weather haha

    following you - and hello from the Beauty Blogazons :)

    Pretty Squared

    1. Hey, Blogazons colleague ;) Thanks for stopping by ;)

      You have a very nice blog!

  3. Lovely looks to choose this spring. Excited to try them all!