Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Review: Inglot Lipstick Matte in 418

Dar vienas Inglot gaminukas... Inglot - vieni iš mano favoritų, tad, tikiuos, jog ir ateity pateiksiu jums ne vieną šio gamintojo produkto apžvalgą. Kaip įprasta - prekių apžvalgos lietuvių kalba keliauja į mano facebook puslapį, bet dėl laiko stokos paskutiniųjų ten dar neįkėliau. Pasižadu tai padaryti artimiausiu metu. O kol kas - šio smagaus gaminuko apžvalga - anglų kalba ;)

Inglot is one of my favorites cosmetics brand and this is the second product that I'm going to review. I was not planning to buy it actually, but when I saw it, its colour and the elegant package I couldn't say No :)
This is matte Inglot lipstick, shade - 418. 

What I liked? The shade was the first thing I really liked. I was looking for some colour that would be good for everyday in the office, but not boring - and "418" is the exactly what I needed :) 

Pigmentation is another thing I like. I also like its creamy consistency, soft smell. And the packaging(4,5 g)! It looks so elegant to me :) 

This lipstick is not a kiss proof :) But normally it stays about 2-4 hours. 

One more compliment to Inglot - it's a paraben free formula product and you can choose your shade between so many shades!

What I didn't like? Those numbers "418" and others doesn't sound very attractive, names would be much better...
If your lips are very dry prepare them before applying matte lipstick. Use scrub, hydrate them (this tip is for all brands matte lipsticks). 

pictures by Makeup Demon

Would I buy this product again? Definitely, Yes! I'm going to buy few other shades :)


  1. Ooh i love the blog name!!
    Thats a very pretty shade and a gorgeous lip swatch! I love inglot's lipstick refills as they turn out way cheaper..nice review!


    1. Hi, Lisha! Thanks for stopping by ;)

      I like all of Inglot refills, but I wanted to have lipstick, which I can have in my purse everyday.

  2. Wowwwww Loved the lip swatch very much n it is very nice brand :) Egle

  3. I have Inglot refills and love them.:)
    This color looks great on you!

    1. I don't have lipstick refills, but I like their blushes and eyeshadows so much! :)