Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Review: Panthenol forte Winter cream

<Šio žiemiško produkto apžvalgą lietuvių kalba rasite mano facebook svetainėje:

It's very cold and freezing recently in Lithuania. The temperature outside is from 10 to 20 C degrees below zero. So it's a very important time to take care of our face skin! 
Few days ago I was visiting my friend and she recommended Panthenol forte winter cream to me. I had a possibility to try it and now I strongly recommend it to you if you live in a cold area :)

What I liked? I like its consistency, it's not too greasy. It spreads easily on your face and well protects the skin from the cold weather conditions.

You can easily clean it using cleansing toner.

The smell is minimal and it's very good for the winter cream :) 
It is also paraben free!

Shelf life is 36 months (as it is indicated on the package)!

The volume of the package is 50 ml. The price is reasonable.

What I didn't like? After applying this cream skin becomes shiny. But this is the same problem with most winter or other more greasy creams. So the best way to avoid a shiny skin is to use compact powder after applying the cream. 

Would I buy this product for myself? Yes, it's a good and recommended product for the cold winter! You can get it in drugstores. 


  1. I don't know if I can find it in my country. I use a hand cream from Bottega Verde with argan oil. It works wonderful for me. I'll see if I can find this one and try it :) kisses

    1. Hi, Mikaela:) it's great that we can buy many products online if we cannot find it in the shop ;) it's great that you can use a handcream. But this facial cream is softer than a handcream, that's why I like it :)

  2. Even my winter cream leaves me shiny.
    and they are really essential in harsh cold winter to protect the face.:)
    Nice review.:)

    1. Thanks, Niesha. Yes, I also think all of winter creams are shiny.. if you'll find different cream - please inform me ;)