Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Review: Artdeco Eyeshadow Duochrome in 207 (irish coffee)

<Dar vienas neplanuotas pirkinukas:)  Besidairydama BB kremo netyčia akis užkliuvo už Artdeco šešėlių, tinkančių magnetinei dėžutei. Kadangi manoji dar nebuvo perpildyta - nusprendžiau paimti kelis atspalvius išbandymui. Jūsų dėmesiui: 207- Irish coffee apžvalga lietuvių kalba facebook puslapyje: >

I was not planning to buy these Artdeco eyeshadows. I was looking for the BB cream at the store & they've reached my eyes so I decided to buy couple of shades. The first attractive thing about them was that they are suitable for magnetic box. I have one from M.U.F.E. and it is not fulfilled yet :)

What I liked? As I've mentioned there's a magnet on the bottom of the package and you can put it in every magnetic box. Artdeco has their own boxes as well. 

Pigmentation. This shade is very pigmented! And since it's duochrome the shade changes depending on the angle of the light :) 
It is shimmery, but not too much. You can wear not only for the evening makeup, but also during day.

This shade is very good for blending - you can create smokey eyes easily.

Package contains clear plastic protective lid. It can be removed easily.

The texture is soft, tender to apply. 

What I didn't like? Cannot complain a lot :) Well, maybe the package is too small according price. It is 0,8 g. 

The next day after my purchase I met my friend, who is also working as a makeup artist and she said she is not satisfied with some Artdeco shades - the pigmentation is poor. I can say that the other shade I have (it's 212) is not well pigmented comparing to 207.

Would I buy this product again? I would like to try other shades :)

picture was taken in a daylight

Post pictures by Makeup Demon


  1. lovely shadow!

  2. Beautiful shade. i love it.:)
    Your eye makeup is also pretty dear.

    1. Thank you, but it's only one eyeshadow color ;)

  3. Nice Review and lovely shade it is Egle...I love your new blog setup it is Romantic :)

    1. Thanks, thanks, thanks, dear Radha ;)

  4. Wonderful review sweetie and I really love that shade :)
    When I look at the picture of your eye it hits me that I think we have sort of the same eye color :D *random I know*

    1. Hey dear ;) thanks for the compliments!
      Yeah, I've noticed that you're also greeneyed already ;)