Wednesday, September 4, 2013


After my long Holidays I want to say thanks to dear readers, who didn't forget my blog and I have a few announcements to make! :)

Po ilgų atostogų noriu padėkoti savo blog'o lankytojams ir skaitytojams, kurie manęs nepamiršo ir tuo pačiu pasidalinti keliomis naujienomis :)

First of all I want to present my new Facebook page - Beautiful moments forever. This page is dedicated only for my photos - makeup, lifestyle, nature, portraits, celebrations. You are welcome to visit it and press LIKE and follow my best photos  :)

Pirma naujiena - mano darytų nuotraukų Facebook puslapis-Beautiful moments forever ! Kviečiu apsilankyti, pamėgti ir sekti mano foto darbelius, ne tik makiažo, bet ir švenčių, gamtos, kelionių nuotraukas.

Second thing is actually not very new, but I was just wondering have you ever visited my makeup works in the blog? Tab is called "Makiažo galerija / MAKEUP GALLERY" :) All new and best makeup comes here!

Antra, ne itin nauja naujiena :) AR esate aplankiusios mano makiažo darbų galeriją? :) Jei ne - rasite ją blog'o meniu po pagrindine nuotrauka (header'iu) "Makiažo galerija / MAKEUP GALLERY". Nepraeikite pro šalį - būtent čia sudėti ir vis papildomi mano makiaž0 darbai ;) 

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Bloglovin - dar vienas, tinklaraštininkams itin svarbus puslapis, padėsiantis sekti blog'o naujienas ;) Taigi, prisijunkite prie jau esamų Makeup Demon blog'o sekėjų!

Stay beautiful!
Makeup Demon


  1. I Wonder, bloglovin doesn't Show my every New Post??

    Great Good News and a Little Bit older News
    Have a Nice Day, Cla

    1. It shows to me all your posts. As well as in the blogger reading list.

      Have a nice day too, Cla!

  2. I liked the new page Egle!! :) Looking forward to the new updates.

    1. Thank you, Niesha! I'm posting, posting ;)

  3. Replies
    1. Hello, Mihaela, I'm glad it looks nice to you.

  4. loved ur blog egle..following you dear <3

    my recent one :

  5. Replies
    1. It's so good to be back and read it! Thank you, Shreya!

  6. I have you on Bloglovin but just added you on Facebook. I've actually never read that part of your blog. I usually come and read your new posts. I'm going to have to check that out. ♥ Madison