Sunday, February 28, 2016

Glamour Makeup Idea

Glamour stiliaus makiažo idėja

"Glamūrinio" makiažo idėja yra mano ir modelio Ramunės projektas iš praėjusių metų. Ūgninga moteris Ramunė buvo papuošta itin ryškiu, žvilgiu makiažu. Su tokiu makiažu parduotuvėje geriau nesirodyti, tačiau jis puikiai tiks šventei ar fotosesijai.
Akių makiažui panaudojau tris spalvas - matinę tamsią mėlyną išoriniam voko kampe, per vidurį - ryškiai rožinę bei pagrindui blizgią geltoną. Lūpoms - blizgus rožinis lūpdažis. Skruostus taip pat dažiau ryškiai rožine spalva. 
Ryškius drabužius, kur dominavo raudona spalva, taip pat rinkome kartu, o mums labai padėjo ir Ramunės Katinas, kurį matote nuotraukose.

Glamour makeup idea with model Ramune is a project from last year. Fiery red lady Ramune is wearing very bright, glossy, statement makeup. You definitely won't go for shopping wearing such makeup, but it is perfect for party or photoshoot. 
Three colors - dark matte blue, bright pink and glossy yellow was used for eye makeup and glossy pink lipstick for lips. I also used dark pink blush on cheeks. 
Clothes we were also picking together to create statement look with bright colors. Kitten, which you can see in pictures, helped us a lot :)

Makeup, idea, photos - Egle Makeup Demon

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Sunday, February 7, 2016

Review: W7 Camouflage Kit Cream Concealer Palette

W7 Camouflage Kit kreminės maskuoklių paletės apžvalga

Recently I am looking for the best concealer palette and it is not an easy task. Sometimes not all shades can be used, sometimes there are not enough shades or just quality is poor. The newest try  - W7 Camouflage Kit Cream Concealer Palette.

Manufacturers description: W7's Camouflage Kit is a really clever, handy palette that brings together five different shades of concealer to ensure you can always find the perfect match. Shelf life - 12 months. Package also contains double sided brush. 

What did I like? Let's start from elegant white packing with mirror - it is very nice. There are  5 shades in the palette, that are suitable to fair and medium shades of skin. 
Consistency is soft, you can even use it under eyes. You can easily blend shades. It really works good for face contouring.
One more good thing - cheap price.

What I did not like? Brushes. You can use them on small spots, but to cover bigger areas they are not good. 
Coverage is light, if you need to hide a red spot you should put few layers and that does not look very good. 

Would I buy it again? No, I would like to try the other concealer palette, this is not the perfect one for me.

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